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The Multimedia Centre provides assistance with the creation and maintenance of web-based learning content, with an emphasis on language learning content. This consists mainly of audio lessons which are either licensed from the publisher and digitized from cassette with permission, or recorded, edited and published internally. The recording facility can be used for preparing audio files for use in a classroom, on the web or on a regular Audio or Data CD.

Staff and Faculty can make use of the R&D Facility for scanning and OCR, viewing and converting between international and domestic video formats, voice recording/editing, and cd burning. Teaching Assistants are encouraged to use the R&D room for preparing course material.

Software may be installed in the lab as long as the necessary licenses are obtained by a member department and shown to the lab specialist. Every effort within reason will be made to accomodate software - atleast one week advance notice is required. Software compatibility testing is required to determine any conflicts with the current lab environment that may occur.


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