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RW 107

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Computer Lab Schedules

The Computer Lab schedules vary from week to week. When courses are not scheduled, the facilities are Open To All Students indicated by the acronym OTAS on the schedules. Schedules are posted on the door of the labs at the beginning of each week and can be viewed online from this page by clicking on the lab location name in the Left Hand Menu.

To prevent reservation conflicts, It is important when requesting reservations to check the availability of the labs beforehand. Schedules are updated regularly and reservations can be sent in by up to one academic year in advance.

Instructors using the Sid Smith or Ramsay Wright labs do not require any special access.
Instructors using the Carr Hall lab will require a Secure Swipe Card. To apply for a swipe card:
  • Download the form in MS WORD or ADOBE PDF format
  • Fill out the form completely
  • Arrange to meet with a CHASS staff member by writing to support@chass.utoronto
  • Bring the completed form to the meeting
  • Staff member will provide instructions for using the card and lab equipment (sound system, lights, computer equipment, projectors etc.)
  • Staff member will address and discuss any specific technical and/or scheduling requirements

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