The Spanish Audio Gazette is a joint project between CHASS and The Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Toronto. This online publication distinguishes spoken Spanish language according to Spanish speaking regions throughout the world. The project was initiated in the beginning of 2005 as an expandable and ongoing resource.

Document transcriptions relating to culture and language were prepared by the Department of
Spanish and Portuguese. Native speakers from different spanish speaking regions were chosen
for the voice recording segment and CHASS provides technical assistance with the audio recording/editing, web hosting and site design.


This resource is available primarily as a language learning tool for improving pronunciation, vocabulary, and understanding the use of various expressions, however it is suitable for anyone with a general interest in Spanish language. To listen to the recordings, use your existing computer's media player, by selecting either of the two audio formats available: WAV or MP3 at the top of any of the site's pages. For more information on the project's contributors, see below:


Project Co-ordinators
Jeannette Sanchez-Naranjo - Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Chris Leowski - Director of CHASS


  • Sylvia Figueroa
  • Victor Rivas
  • Alejandro Cuza
  • Natalia Mazzaro
  • Rita Palacios
  • Cecilia Vizcaino
  • Ulises Sanchez B

    Audio Recording / Editing
    Damion Renner - CHASS


A special thanks to everyone who provided their time and energy to create this project.


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