< comes from; is derived from
> becomes, results in
~ indicates that the plural form will follow
° C degrees Celsius
ab. abitanti
abbrev. abbreviation, abbreviated to
adj. adjective
adv. adverb
adv. expres. adverbial expression
anat. Anatomy/anatomia
approx. approximately
art Arts/Le arti
arch. Architecture
biol. Biology/biologia
bot. Botanica, Botany
cfr. compare to, with (< confronta Lat.)
chem. Chemistry
cin. Cinema, Cinematography
cm. centimetre (metric system)
coll. collective noun/nome collettivo
coll. expres. colloquial expression
cond. Conditional Mood
conj. conjunction
comm. commercial
comp. computing, Computer  Science
cook. cooking
dem. pron. demonstrative pronoun
dial. dialectal
dim. diminutive
ecol. ecology
e.g. example (< exempli gratia Lat.)
eleg. elangant usage/uso elegante e ricercato
engl. English
enol. Oenology (study of wine-making/tasting)
equiv. equivalent
es. esempio (in ad es. = ad esempio)
euph. euphemistic
expres. expression
ext. by extension
f. feminine
fam. familiar/uso familiare, popolare
fig. figurative
film Filmography
fr. French
ft. feet (imperial system)
g grammo (metric system)
ger. gerund
geog. geography
gr. greco/Greek
his. history
idiom. expres. idiomatic expression
imp. Imperfect tense
imper. Imperative Mood
imp. pron impersonal pronoun
ind. Indicative Mood
ingl. Inglese
intr. intransitive verb
inv. invariable
journ. Journalism
kg kilogram (metric system)
km km (metric system)
kmq chilometro quadrato (km2)
Lat. Latin/latinismo
law law
lit. literature; literary figure
m. masculine; meters (metric system)
m./f. masculine and feminine form
med. medicine
mer. meridionale/Southern Italian (cfr. sett.)
mil. military
min. minutes/minuti
mm. millimetre (metric system)
mod. modern, very recent usage
myth. mythology
n. noun, substantive
N.B. nota bene
nut. Nutrition
ord. num ordinal number
p. persona (grammatical person, i.e. 1 p. sing. I,
2 p. sing. you, 3 p.sing. he/she/it, etc.)
past abs. Past Absolute (passato remoto)
past part. past participle
pers. personal/personale
pharm. pharmacy
phil. philosophy
prop. n. proper name
pl. plural
pol. politics
pop. popular usage; population/popolazione
p.p. grammatical person plural (i.e., 1 p.p. we,
2 p.p you pl., 3 p.p. they)
prep. preposition
pres. Present tense
pres. part. present participle
pro. pronominal verb
pron. pronoun
prop. n proper noun/nome proprio
prov. proverb; provincia
phys. geog. physical geography
psych. psychiatry
qc. qualcuno
q.c. qual(che) cosa
reflex. reflexive
reg. regional (use)
rel. Religion
sec. century
sett. settentrionale/Northern Italy (cfr. mer.)
sci. scientific
sim. cose simili (similar things)
sin. synonym/sinonimo
sing. singular
spec. specialmente
subj. Subjunctive Mood
syn. synonym
tech. techical
trns. transitive verb
v. verb; vedere (see)
vulg. vulgar (usage)
vrb. n. verbal noun
zool. Zoology/zoologia