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Lab Rental


Lab Rental

The Multimedia Learning Centres located at St. Michael's College and University College, may be rented by members or groups outside of the Humanities and Social Sciences, but still connected to UofT, or to external members or groups for non-teaching purposes, under the following conditions:

  • That the group, wishing to use the centres, have some connection to the University of Toronto, or be sponsored by a department or a division from the University of Toronto.
  • That the suitability of the rental be vetted by the Director.
  • The bookings must not conflict with the hours set aside for regular teaching activities conducted in the centres, nor with the OTAS hours provided to students.
  • That the centres, while being used, be at all times supervised by trained staff, who would also be responsible for security.
  • That an appropriate fee be charged for the use of the centres, to cover such expenses as security (including one temporary access card), technical support (including setting up), supervision and overhead costs.
  • That the minimum charge be for 8 hours. Two rates will be applied :

    * A U of T sponsored rate at $500.00 (Cdn.)
    * A non U of T sponsored rate at $700.00 (Cdn.)


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