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Online Grammar Guide
Warning: This site has experienced intermittent outages
Darlings's Guide to Grammar
This site is English-only, but can be used as a reference for grammar terms

Web-Based Exercises

These are good for self-guided learning and practice, from any reasonably good and well-connected computer on or off campus. But be prepared for the following:

= Lots of words and phrases -- both in the instructions and the actual activities -- which you might not understand = 'Correction' or 'show the answer' buttons which aren't very informative . = The practice you'll be getting may not necessarily coincide with what we're doing in class. =You'll need a dictionary by your side to make full use of these activities=

Virtuelles Kaufhaus
Scroll down until you find "Übungen für Anfänger mit geringen Grundkenntnissen." Very challenging and difficult to navigate, but worth the effort

Exercises from the University of Victoria
Pretty straightforward, basic practice, and well-designed. Please steer clear of the sections which require students to e-mail responses to instructors.

Links Related to Holocaust Studies (Ch. 8)

Rough Guide to Prepositions (Chs. 6&7)


Listening Practice Online

Below are a couple of sites which will allow you to hear spoken German.
You'll find the material very difficult to understand but a joy to listen to. Use it to train your ear, to get accustomed to the sounds and rhythms of the language. Both of these sites require RealAudio and are susceptible to occasional web congestion.

Poems and Stories from the University of Victoria
Recordings of classical and contemporary works, including one of the Grimms'fairy tales, Bertold Brecht, and Dorothea Schlegel. Not the best sound quality, but worth listening to.

Deutsche Welle
Germany's global media offerings. Click on "DW-radio Deutsch" to listen to today's news.

Muttersprachler kennenlernen / Meeting Native Speakers
A Multimedia Exercise in Listening and Reading comprehension. (Under development; currently requires Netscape 4.0 or later and 25 MB of disk space).


The Talking Map


Yahoo! Deutschland
A good starting point for exploring the German-speaking Web

List of computing resources
Search here to find the computing resources available at your college.

The German Information Centre
An official site run by the German government

Subject Index on German History
A nicely organized site in English on German history.

Other Links:

German Resources

Jason's Guide to Grammar Terms

Jason's Guide to Vocabulary Learning

Die Stadt Berlin

Das Wetter!

Die Stadt Heidelberg

Die Stadt Mannheim

Die Stadt Frankfurt

The European Central Bank (Based in Frankfurt)