Shared Network Folders

A shared network folder has been set aside on the Carr server specifically for saving and retrieving student assignments (voice recordings, documents, or any type of file), and for posting course related files prepared in advance for use in the labs. Instructors have persmission to create, delete, and modify subfolders and files from the Instructor Workstation ONLY, which is located at the front of the classroom. In order to manipulate folders, Instructors must logon to this computer with the username and password provided by the lab technician. Faculty may also be eligible for personalized network logons provided they are located on the same network domain. To prepare an area for students to save their assignments, follow the instructions below:

  • .Open Windows Explorer from the Start Menu by clicking on
    START/PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES/WINDOWS EXPLORER, or by using the Windows Key (located between Ctrl & Alt) + the letter E.

  • A series of drive letters will be visible on the left hand side (you may need to expand the list of folders by clicking the + sign beside My Computer) - each containing subfolders for the various departments using the labs for teaching. The drive letters and course folders can ONLY be created or deleted by a lab technician. To request a folder please contact Mark Austerberry at

  • Subfolders for courses that already exist can be created or deleted by the instructor. For example, a TA who's teaching FSL161 can create a subfolder inside FSL161 for their course section i.e. Section L0101, or WR2-4. To create a new subfolder inside a course folder click on File/New/Folder

  • In order to delete subfolders or files: highlight the list of files using the left mouse button, then click with the right mouse button overtop of the highlighted files. Scroll down to the Delete option and press the left mouse button.

  • All Teaching Assistants and Faculty members are responsible for backing up and creating a CD copy of any data located in their designated folders, and for deleting old files when they are no longer required. Please be aware that the shared network drive is subject to lab maintenance and all files will be cleared out on a regular basis. It is your responsibility to make sure important data is retrieved and the lab technician cannot be held liable for any lost data.

  • For assistance with creating AUDIO or DATA CD's from the instructor workstation, please refer to the Recording with Roxio section.

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