Preparing for Voice Recording in Windows:

Before Beginning or if you experience any problems recording, check the following:

Make sure the microphone and headphones are properly connected

  • look at the back of the computer and locate the soundcard
  • Ensure the microphone cable is plugged in to the 'mic' jack
  • Ensure the headphones are connected to the 'line out' jack (usually green in colour)

Make sure Windows is configured to Record from the microphone.

  • Double Click on the yellow volume icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen

    If you don't have this icon, click: START/PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES/ENTERTAINMENT/VOLUME CONTROL) The Volume control may be located elsewhere in the Accessories folder.

  • Ensure that the "MUTE" Options are NOT selected

  • In the Volume Control Menu, click OPTIONS/PROPERTIES.
  • Choose the 'Recording' option by clicking in the empty bullet beside Recording.
  • Scroll down the list in the bottom part of this window until you see "MICROPHONE"
  • Put a checkmark beside "MICROPHONE" if there isn't one already.
  • Click OK.

  • In the Recording Control Window, Put a checkmark under "SELECT" for the MICROPHONE or Ensure that the "MUTE" Options are NOT selected. You will notice ONLY one of these two options.