Instructor Audio Console

The labs are equipped with a TOA Power Amplifier, model A506A. The amplifier is connected to a set of satellite speakers strategically placed throughout the room for the best possible acoustics. Audio can be played on the lab speakers from the instructor's computer, the VCR, and the Cassette Player. To play audio in the lab from the various devices, please refer to the diagram below.

  1. Input #1 Currently NOT IN USE
  2. Input #2 Currently NOT IN USE
  3. Input #3 Volume for Wireless Microphone
  4. Input #4 Volume for VCR (use only when showing movies in combination with the Projector).
  5. Input #5 Volume for the Instructor Workstation. Volume is also controlled by the Windows Volume Control. Always check for muting
  6. BASS/TREBLE Controls
  7. MASTER Volume Control
  8. ON/OFF Switch. If there is no sound, make sure the power is ON!

Additional Notes

  • To disable audio in the lab, Either lower the Master volume to 0 on the Amplifier, or Power it off.
  • Audio from the Instructor Workstation is shared between the headphones (located on the Instructor Desk) AND the main lab speakers. This allows an instructor to listen to audio at the instructor's computer without disturbing the rest of the lab.

  • The Wireless Microphone works in combination with the amplifier. Simply locate the on/off switch on the rectangular pack, switch it to the ON position, and adjust the volume using input #3 on the amp. If the volume is set too high, feedback will result. The default volume should be set to the correct level. Use the lapel clip to position the microphone on a shirt pocket or collar.

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